The Chobe river runs along the northern border of Chobe National park in Botswana. It begins in the northern Angolan highlands on the slopes of Mount Tembo, there it is called the Kwando river, it travels enormous distances through Kalahari sands before reaching Botswana, here it becomes the Linyanti river until it reaches Ngoma in Namibia where it becomes the Chobe river.
Top picture: Chobe camp lodge in Namibia (middle left) behind that is the border town of Ngoma, to the right of the photo is Chobe national park in Botswana.
Lower picture: view of the Chobe river, with Botswana to the right and Namibia to the left. The Chobe river joins the Zambezi river at Victoria falls.
Namibia, May 2016

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Photographies aérienne haute définition prisent en France et en Italie par Gaëtan Hutter