Flying at 3100 metres near Mount Viso - It's very cold, -12ºC - my fingers, under 3 pairs of cloves, are freezing - every things is moving - one eye is on the altimeter seeing if I am going up or down, one eye is on the mountain, making sure I don't get too close, as my engine no longer helps me to gain altitude I must look for ascending wind currents to take me higher, it is the only way to gain altitude, as of 3000 metres I don't seem to be getting any higher, a wind lift can take you up fast but you have to find it - I managed to get up another 100 metres to 3100 metres, at that point there was a lot of turbulence - I was being shaken around - I have to try and imagine what is happening - where is the wind coming from, will it last, where am I being pushed, looking out for the cliff face, making quick decisions as to which direction to take and what to do, the turbulence continues - I am not feeling sure about the situation so I decide to abandon the ascension and turn towards the valley - I slowly begin to lose altitude, there is no more turbulence, the return is smooth - 20 minutes later I am over the field where I took off from - All is well - A spectacular flight !
Mont Viso, Italy, December 2015

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