A surprise in Tuscany - The white beach or "La spiaggia bianca" - This beautiful white sand beach on the Tuscan coast south of Livorno is what one would expect to see in the Caribbean. I discovered the beach via a photo on the internet and absolutely had to see this spot. I arrived at the area after a long drive, the weather report announced rain for the following day so I had fly straight away. It was late in the afternoon on a cloudy damp day, the sun was low in the sky, I didn't have much time to fly before nightfall. I had to prepare fast for the flight if I wanted a chance to get a picture of the beach.
Take off conditions were perfect. As soon as I was up in the air I was surprised and shocked to see several big factories only several hundred metres from this seaside paradise !  After the flight I researched the town,Rosignano Solvay, and found out some interesting facts about the chemical factory called Solvay. According to reports the white colour of the beach is due to the chemical discharge from the factory. Reports also say that toxic waste has been dumped at sea for decades ! The beach is a popular tourist destination in summer !
The Solvay chemical plant in Rosignano Solvay manufacturers many basic chemicals such as sodium carbonate, bicarbonate, hydrogen peroxide, calcium chloride, and chlorine. Its main product is sodium carbonate, or soda ash, which is manufactured by bubbling carbon dioxide gas through a solution of brine (salt water) and ammonia to precipitate the compound.
Rosignano Solvay, Italy, Jan 2018

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Photographies aérienne haute définition prisent en France et en Italie par Gaëtan Hutter